"How far would we go to build our dream? Would we leave our comfort zone and risk it all?"


That is what we did and ... it worths.


Spinning the desk globe around, with the whole world to dig, the possibilities were enormous. America, Europe, Africa, Oceania... The most important is that, it should bring together the passions and the gifts of the family. That is essentially: the viticulture, living in the countryside with quality of life, and of course, it has to be in a society where we identify ourselves with. Definitely, our heart beat for the land of our ancestors who came from the Bohemia, Prussia, Switzerland and Portugal, arriving in southern Brazil in the late 19th.


Our thought was "to make a good wine we need high quality grapes". And after a big research, we ended up enchanted with the traditional vineyards of the Danube valley and there we decided to settle the winery. 


A hint of romantic and alternative, some of the exclusiveness of our project were: vineyard and winery with limited dimensions so that we could manage alone, it means, in two. With our own hands would add quality and typicity that it would surely bring an identity to the final result - the wine.


Moving here and there and after a big research we finally found the ideal property for us. An heritage listed house-winery, with an amazing underground wine cellar, in the oldest part of Weissenkirchen in der Wachau.