Breno Klamas


Enologe of the winery. Responsible for the work in the cellar and vineyard and also all the business concerns.



B.Sc. Viticulture and Enology at Trento University

Fondazione Edmund Mach a San Michele All'Àdige

Weinbauschule Krems an der Donau


Vanessa Klamas


The "green hand". Love gardening, ceramic, architecture and interior design. Responsible for many work in the vineyard like pruning, bowing and tying, training and thinning out the canes and principally the harvest, where the grapes are picked up gently manually with the female touch.  It's also her duty all about the beauty around the winery area.


Liesl Maud Klamas


She's the present and the future. Responsible for the joy in the atmosphere. Love to play, sing and dance in the vineyard. And make friendship with the fauna around. Her best friends are the ladybug and the butterflies. It's clear visible the satisfaction of the vines when she is around, spreading her happiness.