Our history in the wine world began in 2004 in South America, in the charming historical city of Lapa, on the family's farm. In addition to biodynamic vines, we also grew other crop cultures, always with respect to the environment, to the cultural values, to the human relations whether with employees or with the community around. They were: 


Breeding of Angus beef cattle (Black, Red and Hereford) and sheep (Suffolk) on a rotational grazing system, also known as Voisin system - where the animals remains only 1 day in the same lot, so they always eat fresh graze, clean of faeces, avoiding medication and vermicides.


Cultivation of Yerba Mate - the plant that is a symbol of the region, has a strong subsistence appeal because it is native - they grow under the canopy of the forests of Araucaria pine - no need of chemical treatments and it's a good employer at harvest and pruning time. Its healthy and vitaminic properties are well known. 


Complementing the diversity of farm activities are viticulture and winemaking, as well as the rotation of crops such as soybeans, barley, wheat and beans. Reforestation wood for pulp production. Organic vegetables, strawberries and tomatoes for the local market.


However, in december 2011 the most precious "fruit" of the family arrived, our "sweet-little-angel". And, like in all cases, in our it couldn't be different. She became the centre of attention and of all our purposes. Unfortunately the farm was logistically a bit far from civilization, and we started to think about how and where to raise our child. From this - together with the restless and boundless spirit of the family - we decided to give a new direction on the future. We then embraced a new adventure, willing to start it all again since the very beginning....